Training vs Teaching | How they are different?

Er. Shobhit Gupta 21-04-2017 507

There has always been a confusion between the two terms and majority of students and institutes take both of the terms as synonymous to each other. However, truth is far away from this assumption. Teaching and Training are two separate and important aspect of producing vibrant and competent professionals. There lies one major difference between the two:

Teaching focuses on educating a person with exposure to theoretical concepts wherein the knowledge and theories flow from teacher to student.

Training, on the other hand, focuses on providing exposure to applications of concepts through real implementation. Teaching theoretical concepts is just a part of training process wherein real implementations should be demonstrated through live examples.


Training is not merely sharing the knowledge by trainer with his trainees. Rather, training service expects a lot more responsibility from a trainer. A trainer has to stay updated with the latest industrial trends in contrast to a teacher who sticks of an already setup curriculum and teaching material. This is required because the IT industry is changing on daily basis. New technologies and methodologies are emerging so fast that any technology is not able to make a widespread stand. Thus, a good trainer needs to know what is going on in the market, keep himself aligned with them and provided information and exposure to his trainees through in-lab demonstration and practice sessions. A good trainer also has in-depth hands-on experience in developing solutions for the society.

In addition to providing latest information, a good trainer focuses on creating examples for every word he speaks during the session. In order to provide effective training, a good trainer has to demonstrate the applications side by side with his words. This approach also makes the sessions more interactive and meaningful for students and they like to stay in touch with the trainer rather than gossiping.

Thus, training is not merely speaking what trainer know, rather it is about setting up a meaningful practical platform that can take trainees to new heights of success.


ITSagar Solutions is a premier training setup that provides ample of learning and skill development opportunities. The focus is laid on training through LDAD: Live Demonstrations at Your Desktop, a methodology implemented on at this Best Training Institute in Kurukshetra. The establishment provides connectivity between Trainer and User machines through Wi-Fi and every action taken by te trainer is visible at trainees screen. Thus, trainee stays connected with the trainer and views every step live without any intervention.

Also, writing notes is only a the discretion of trainee. Trainer shares the codes and environments with trainees so writing up things in notebook is not really required. This approach has worked so fine in recent years that no White Board has been installed in the rooms. Complete training process goes on through LDAD.

In addition to live training through demonstrations and examples, numerous tasks are given to students as assignments that they are supposed to get completed before moving to the next topic. This helps students sharpen their skills as well as perform faster so that there are no delays in comparison to their colleagues. Hands-on practice on numerous assignments also helps student get in-depth understanding of concepts and its applications and also imprints the things in their minds for longer duration.

Well performing students are also given chances to work on Live Projects for real market clients for industrial exposure. Thus, professionals build at ITSagar Solutions prove to be more skilled and worthy for the industry. A large number of 8+ ratings received in recent years has made up a reputed name for providing quality training as the Top Training Institute in Kurukshetra.

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