Learning PHP or Web Designing? How you should start and proceed?

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B.Tech, BCA, Diploma and other relevant stream students are generally worried about how to learn something that can build up their career. We have always tried to give you best answer for this query through our previous popular articles: 

We recommend you to go through all of the above articles too. Today we will focus on how to go with PHP as a career choice.

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side programming language used world-wide for medium to high end web portals serving almost every personal as well as commercial and scientific applications. Although the languages was initiated as Personal Home Page by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, it has now become a de-facto web development technology in recent years.

With the fast revolution in web development that we have seen in recent decade, php has emerged to be one of the favourite choice of experienced as well as novice web developers. PHP is now seen as the key web development technology, may it be standalone or as a core for popular frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel as well as CMS systems like Wordpress and Magento.

This fastly growing technology has attracted a lot of attention from experts as well as beginners. Experts know the challenges in web development and how to tackle with them in PHP. But beginner developers are generally misguided by either less knowledged people or institutes who themselves are not aware of live project development challenges.

Today we are sharing some key things that you shoud remember while registering or attending a PHP training course:

1. Serious about learning - 

A lot of students are concerned with certificate only so that they can submit the same in their training viva and write it in their resumes. They hope that they will be hired with big salary packages when they show the certificate papers. But hey, if you think so too, you are wrong.

Companies are not there to share their revenue with you. No. They are paying you to earn more revenue and they can earn more only if you are skilled and experienced. If you are not skilled, you can not fulfill the client needs, then what company will pay you for? Your boss is not going to give you handwritten codes just to type them on computer and take away lacs of rupees as salary. So attaining skills is lot more important.

2. Designing or Development - 

In most of the cases, we have seen that only HTML/CSS, form creation and echoing some basic messages are taken as a part of PHP training curriculum. You should understand that Web Designing and Web Development are two different fields. 

Web Designing is only the first step for Web Development. There is a lot more to learn. If you have chosen PHP, it means you should learn development using coding and database connectivity, otherwise, you not working on development.

3. How much is required - 

Although there is no limits to this word - How much, but still there are some topics that should be covered to assure that you can start developing basic web portals. Some of the mandatory topics include, but not limited to, looping, conditionals, functions, associative arrays, database connectivity, dynamic listing, sql queries, sessions management, file inclusion, redirections, validations, etc.

4. Teaching or Training - 

This is the key aspect of your career. Going for PHP does not mean attending white board based classes and noting down the codes shared by your tutor. Its also not about working on basic programs like you did in C/C++. 

PHP training is about extensive hands-on practice on a variety of examples that closely relate to real project modules. Its not about finding sum of n numbers, for example. No client will ask you to find sum of n numbers in their e-commerce portal. So make sure you are involved in live training.

5. Resources - 

Recently we have seen that some studnts have paid high fees in big cities for zero training. A student shared that he paid 8k+ where he was supposed to open w3schools, copy the code and execute it as per instructions shown on that website. If codes show same results, then training is done. 
Such kinds of trainings are not useful at all. Make sure you have full access to live scenario and have a trainer rather than just following and typing website based contents.

6. Examples - 

While practising, you should ask your trainer whether the examples that you are doing will be implemented as it is in live projects too. If yes, then you should work on creating variations of those examples. If no, you are not getting the right training and the same will never be fruitful in your career.

7. Serious about training -

The biggest challenge to your training is you for yourself. If you are not willing to build up your career, no trainer can help you out and you will be cheated at many institutes just for some time pass sessions.

The fees that you pay to your institute is the hard earned money of your parents. They worked day and night restlessly to hand over their hard earned buck to an institute, in a hope that you can build up your career. So take your training seriously. Fun is important but not more than your career.

We hope that you are concerned with your career and dream to earn high pay scales. Following the above points will definitely help you out in fulfilling your dreams. If you have any questions about PHP training in kurukshetra, feel free to contact ITSagar Solutions: the Best PHP training institute in kurukshetra. With ample of market exposure through live projects in hand throughout the year, we are there to build the best web development roadmap for you. Stay tuned for more.

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